Protecting our customers



dps-logo-greenAll deposits on Assured Shorthold Tenancies for properties managed by us are protected by the Deposit Protection Service. Full documentation is supplied to the tenants. For properties not managed by us where the deposit is managed by the landlord it is the landlord’s legal responsibility to protect it. We can advise tenants on how to proceed if they want to check that their deposit has been protected properly.


prs logoWe are members of the Property Redress Scheme which is an independent ombudsman service to help resolve disputes between any of our clients, visitors, landlords and tenants. Our membership number is PRS001991. You can contact the PRS via the web page or calling 0333 321 9418 or emailing It has never been called on yet.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We have cover to provide compensation in cases where we make a mistake that significantly affects our clients. It has never been called on yet.