Tenants’ information


If you are a tenant you have responsibilities and rights.

If you are our tenant you will have received a copy of the government booklet – Renting a Property in England and Wales. If you haven’t be sure to get it by filling in the form on the right. That booklet explains most of the important stuff that you need to know.

Added to that are the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement which you have. It is quite long and if you have any difficulty understanding it then you should ask us or perhaps the Citizens Advice Bureau.

As our tenant you will mainly want to know how to deal with faults in your home, what to do if financial or family your circumstances change and how to go about leaving your home when you want to go and live somewhere else.

Faults in your home

Call us during our office hours and use option 3. Before you call it would be good to work out the answer to the following question – if an engineer has to be booked to visit your home when can he come? If you are not available can the engineer visit and use one of our keys to get in and do the work?

If it is out of hours and you have a genuine emergency then call the office and use option 5. You will then be asked to choose an option for Gas/Plumbing/Heating/Water faults, Electrical faults or Building faults.

What are genuine emergencies?

If a window has blown out or part of the roof is broken, if water is pouring out of your hot water tank, if a floor is collapsing, if there is a smell of or sound of burning from any of the electrical sockets or consumer unit, if your back or front doors are so damaged that they are a security risk…

When you call the emergency line you may have to leave a message. Be prepared – make sure you know your own mobile number and address!

When you get through to an engineer he or she will try to work out with your help whether or not it is something that is truly an emergency and also that he will be able to fix it. Yes, your boiler may have stopped working but unless it is a very simple fault it will not get going again till the next working day because parts will have to be obtained. The same applies to gas cookers, electric ovens, electric showers and so on.

There are some emergencies which regrettably are not dealt with by us – if you lose your keys or otherwise find yourself locked out of the house you will have to arrange to get in at your own expense – you can find a 24hours locksmith in the Yellow Pages or you might be able to convince our builder to come and deal with it but you will have to pay him direct, on the spot. NB if you find you have to change the lock then you must let us have a copy of the key.

Your circumstances have changed

Talk to us immediately. We can help you find the right result.

How to leave your home

We have a whole page on this here.