Landlords – increase your income and free up your time


What do we do?

On behalf of landlords we manage properties and we manage tenancies.

Successful landlords understand that distinction. They know that looking after a property is one thing, and relatively easy, but looking after a tenancy, that is all the people, paperwork and money involved, is very different. And a lot more work! A well managed tenancy can overcome almost any problem with the property but the opposite is not true at all. No matter how smart and good your property if the tenancy i.e. the people involved and their relationship with the agency or landlord are not running well the whole project is doomed.

Those two “managements” are the headlines. Behind them is the management of money, rent-collection and book-keeping, and management of service staff. We are highly computerised and produce monthly and annual statements that detail everything. Landlords’ accountants have almost nothing to do. Similarly with maintenance calls our tradesmen get detailed job sheets by email or text that they can action immediately. Our tradesmen are prompt because we deal with their invoices promptly – they are all paid at the beginning of the month at the same time as we pay landlords.

How could we help you today?

We would be happy to discuss rental valuations, a portfolio performance evaluation, a market conditions report all free of charge. We also have one or two successful long term landlords who are willing to help new landlords with their expertise by mentoring them.

We offer all this in the hope that you will consider us for a mutually supportive commercial and financial relationship. If you want to talk to us you could set things off by filling in the form below outlining your main areas of interest.

Gosh – here’s a short list of what we do!

  • Maintain a a list of quality applicants looking for new homes
  • Prepare marketing materials for properties and confirm them with the landlord
    • high quality photographs
    • floor plans
    • energy performance certificates
    • well written and attractive descriptions
  • Market the properties on OnTheMarket and Zoopla

and there’s lots and lots more which you can read about here.

All in all this adds up to

Peace of mind for Landlords (and Tenants)

That’s what you get by dealing with an established residential property management company. We have had offices in Ashurst in Skelmersdale for over fifteen years and all live locally. We are proud of our independent status and the flexibility it offer us and our clients. We truly believe that no other agent can offer a superior or more tailor-made service for its clients – especially as we do not deal in sales at all.

Even more peace of mind…

If your rental income stream is particularly time critical or important we are happy to arrange rent guaranteee insurance – this ensures that your rent continues month after month without a break if the tenant should default.

We also use a scheme that enables professionals arriving from abroad take up a tenancy and have a full UK based guarantor behind them.

So why choose Your Lets?

Because when you deal with us you are dealing with the organ grinder, not the monkey.

You can have a personalised level of service ranging anywhere from:

  1. full management
  2. full management with landlord repairs
  3. rent collection only
  4. let and check-in
  5. let only – i.e. viewings, approval (credit check) only
  6. viewings only
  7. advertise only

What are our priorities?

Whether you are a Landlord or Tenant we work hard to understand your requirements and deliver what you personally want. We are flexible enough to accommodate different relationships. Some of our landlords hand all responsibilities over to us, at the other extreme some just want us to collect the rent and they handle all maintenance themselves.

Useful government information

Fill in the form on the right (or at the bottom if you are on a mobile or tablet) to get a link to the very useful government web site explaining landlords’ rights and responsibilities. This includes a very informative section on “Right to Rent”.

Right to rent

This places a responsibility on the landlord and agent to ensure that tenants have the right to reside in the UK. This applies to all tenancies. We shall be operating that without any discrimination – that means that even those who are obviously OK have to be checked. You can be fined up to £3,000 per person for renting your property to someone who isn’t allowed to rent property in England.

Contact us to discuss your ambitions and requirements