Looking for a new home?


Have you read the government’s guide to renting? We will send you a link to it when you fill in the form at the side or at the bottom.

You know the area and know what you want? then click to see our list of properties in OnTheMarket and Zoopla. See our properties now by clicking on the links. We recommend you use OnTheMarket as all our properties go on there first exclusively for 3 days.

You are new to the area and don’t know what would be best for you? Call us on 01695 556703 and based on your needs we can recommend areas and properties.

Whichever you are it will be good to get some basic facts together and arrange your thoughts. Doing that will help us understand what is special about you and help us best meet your needs.

  1. When do you want to move?
  2. How many adults, children?
  3. How many bedrooms do you need?
  4. Do you have pets such as cats or dogs?
  5. Do you smoke?
  6. Do you want to live in one particular area or estate?
  7. Do you want to be near shops, schools, work, transport links?
  8. How long do you want to settle down for?
  9. Which of you are working? roughly how much do you earn?
  10. What sort of accommodation do you live in now? rented? with family? own house?
  11. What sort of budget have you allocated for housing?
  12. Any other requirements? two toilets, garden, parking/garage, bungalow, house, apartment…

Why not contact us by filling in the form below? If you do there is no need to fill in the booklet request at the side as we will send that to you with this one.