Properties to live in and enjoy

Our properties are listed on OnTheMarket and also Zoopla. See them all by clicking on the links. We recommend you use OnTheMarket as all our properties go on there first and exclusively for 3 days.

But, before you go, all our tenancies are Assured Shorthold. The practical consequence of that is that when you first move in the tenancy will usually be for six months. Some landlords for some properties will want it to be a year.

Most of our properties are unfurnished. Even when marked as such they may include a built in hob and oven, curtains or blinds, carpets and lampshades. You will need to check each individual one.

Most of our properties are under full management – that means that you will not deal with the landlord but us. If something breaks or doesn’t work properly then you will contact us and we will get our tradesmen to fix it. We will let you know when you become interested in a property if it is managed by us or by the landlord directly.

You should also be aware that some properties are on the market because the landlord is what we call “accidental”. Maybe he cannot sell the house or is waiting for some family thing to sort out. In the meanwhile he or she is letting it out. This may be just for a short term perhaps anything from six months to a year. Such a property would obviously not suit you if you want to settle down for a reasonably long time. This is one of the reasons you need to discuss your situation with us fully before committing to anything.

If you want us to look for you then go here and fill in the form to let us know more about you.