Tradespeople for our agency


Do you want to join our pool of experienced, capable tradespeople? We rely on independent trades for our repairs and renovations in West Lancs and beyond. They respond to job requests and take ownership of the jobs involving house cleaning, building, roofing, joinery, gas, electric and plumbing, gardening and whatever. We pay them at the end of the month with a proper statement.

Our business is growing and it seems like the whole world has become very busy. In particular we want to add to our list

  • joiner/handyman
  • cleaners
  • roofer
  • bricklayer/builder
  • ground works (drains etc)

What are we looking for?

  • You supply your own materials, tools and transport
  • You have a mobile phone, preferably a smart one that gets your emails, so you can take instructions on the fly
  • You have insurance cover for your work
  • You have the ability to deal with people whose first language is not English and who in fact may have very poor English
  • You take ownership of jobs and get them done professionally without a lot of chasing and without us having to “hold your hand”
  • You are ideally CRB checked
  • You have all the up-to-date certificates for your qualification in gas, electric or plumbing
  • You are prepared to sign a privacy notice regarding any tenant or landlord contact details we give you


Typically the need is only identified a day or so before it has to be done so we need someone who can respond quite quickly – respond quickly to give us a quote and then deliver pretty quickly after that.

How do we work with our trades?

Let’s take by way of example a house where the toilet flush has stopped working properly.

  1. A tenant or landlord rings in with a problem – let’s say for example the WC is not flushing properly.
  2. We draw up a job sheet in the office. This describes the fault, gives the tenant name and address and mobile and other numbers, best time to contact them and details on how to obtain access to the property.
  3. We send the job sheet off to the selected plumber Рby email and by text.
  4. The plumber contacts the tenant within two hours to confirm the contact details and discuss the timetable for attending and or fixing the fault.
  5. The plumber keeps his appointment and fixes the fault – if any issues they report them back to us.
  6. The plumber prints the jobsheet and writes on it details of the work done and when and his or her charges (not essential but ideally for us broken down into materials and labour). He or she sends us the job sheet by email or post. He or she doesn’t need to send their own invoice, unless they want to.
  7. We update our job details here in the office and mark the amounts needed in the plumber’s ledger
  8. We settle the plumber’s ledger account in the first week of the new month by a BACS payment direct into his or her bank account. We email them a remittance advice showing what jobs have been paid and the amounts.

Of course there can be more to it than this – we may have a certain amount of to-ing and fro-ing for the best solution – maybe the landlord would rather have a new WC fitted than pay for yet another flush repair job. It may be more urgent and we have to ring a few plumbers first to see who is going to be able to get on the job quickest.

If you would like to be involved then call or email us.