Ok – you have found the property you want, seen it with us and discussed your finances and any other relevant matters. Now is the time it becomes formal.

If you haven’t already done so please download and read the government information booklet on renting your home. Just fill in the form at the side (or down below if you are on a mobile or tablet).

First – rent payments: rents are always in advance and almost always have to be paid every calendar month. We also require, for everyone’s peace of mind, that rents be paid by bank standing order. If you move in on the 15th of the month then your rent will be due on that day and every 15th thereafter. If that is very inconvenient then it can be adjusted provided that all your rent is paid in advance. If you are on benefits and your rent comes in every two weeks or four weeks that can also be accommodated.

Next thing is dates: when will you take up the new tenancy? You will discuss that with us and we will work out what is best. A number of factors need to be taken into account: when do you have to leave your present home? When do you get paid? How much time do you need for moving?

Next – money – the holding deposit: You have to deposit with us a Holding Deposit which enables us to reserve the property off the market for 15 days, or longer by agreement, until you move in. When you do move in that money is used against your first rent. (A typical amount for this is equivalent to one week’s rent.) If we find that we are unable to accept you for the tenancy we will return the holding deposit to you – you will have received a Holding Deposit Receipt form from us stating the exact terms and conditions under which the money is held. We have a special page on the holding deposit – read all about it here.

Next – the forms: an application form with your personal details, a Holding Deposit Receipt with dates and amounts spelled out.

Next – are you allowed to rent in the UK? By Law we have to make sure that you have the right to reside in the UK.  We operate that without any discrimination – that means that even if you are obviously OK you have to be checked. The easiest way to prove your Right to Reside is with an EEA (including the UK) Passport or ID Card.

Next – we check your forms: we send them off to our credit referencing agency, talk to your previous landlords and employers and any other relevant parties.

Approval! if all has gone well we let you know that you are approved to move in and we make final clarification of dates and amounts.

More money: on the morning of the day you are moving in you transfer the balance due into our bank account – in time for it to be visible to us before your move in time. By special arrangement ONLY we will accept cash. All the amounts needed will have been clearly spelled out on the Holding Deposit Receipt form, the deposit and the balance of the rent due after taking into account the holding deposit already paid.

Moving in! at the agreed date and time all of you, the new tenants that is, attend the office to sign the paperwork for the tenancy, the deposit registration and then go to the house with us where we complete the inventory and statement of condition. Checking in will take between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the size of the property and furnishings etc.

These are the steps you have to follow:

  1. Complete the application forms – one for each adult or person over 18 living in the property. These should be carefully completed and dated and signed at the bottom. There are two main pages and two supplementary ones that you only need fill in if prompted to do so by what you say on the first two pages.
  2. Complete the Holding Deposit Receipt form – we cannot accept any money from you without this being completed and signed by all the adults.
  3. Send us the completed forms and the money or bring them into the office. We usually prefer that you make a bank transfer for the money. We do not accept card payments.
    [We now hold the property for you pending assessment of your application.]
  4. Come to the office to complete your “Right to Reside” checks.
  5. Pay the balance due before your move in date and time
  6. All of you attend at the office and then the house and sign the tenancy agreement and all the other paperwork – this can take anything between 30 to 90 minutes. Part of that time is spent walking around the property checking and agreeing the statement of condition and inventory.
  7. Get the keys! and enjoy living in your new home.