Meet the team who make it all work

We are a team of three highly experienced professionals. We are backed up with a team of tradesmen and suppliers who have been with us for many years. We know the local area very well having lived and worked here most of our lives. We are a family business with your interest at heart whether you are a landlord with one property or one hundred properties or a single tenant or a large family. We do not sell houses or offer any mortgages or other financial services. Our sole activity is letting houses in West Lancashire. See our testimonial page to see what landlords and tenants have to say about us.

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Concepta Hite, Partner
Concepta has many years experience in the Letting industry. She also holds a third level diploma in Law from the Institute of Legal executives including property law. She enjoys meeting people and keeping a strong line of communication between Your Lets and all tenants and landlords. She has lived in West Lancashire for 30 years and has a very good knowledge of the local area.

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William Hite, Partner
William came into the letting industry via his IT business background. He is a very experienced project manager with notable clients ranging from Xerox to Compaq and HP. He has a very keen logical mind and is very up to date on all matters in the letting industry including tenancy agreements, tenant deposits, finance and council tax. In addition he manages a team of trade suppliers to Your Lets and keeps a close eye on their quality of work. He also is in charge of inventories for all our properties. William has lived in West Lancashire for 30 years.

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Claire Walmsley, Bookeeper and Office Manager
Claire has worked in a number of different industries, from financial services through light engineering and now in the letting industry. However, her core strengths of book-keeping, organisation and small business management are key to the success of businesses in any sector. An ISO expert, Claire specialises in formalising business processes and procedures. Claire has lived in West Lancashire since 2000.