Viewings during Covid-19

.   Do visit this page regularly as we will update it to reflect any changes in circumstances.

In a normal viewing you would walk around the property with your whole family, open doors and windows to check they are working, test the taps, flush the toilets, switch on the lights and lots of other little things like that.

We would be with you answering all the questions you might have about the house.

This cannot happen now.

Just two of you at most, no children, will look round without touching anything or switching anything on. You will be by yourself, without us. Our staff will be outside keeping well away from you and will not be able to answer questions about the house.

While you are going round the house you should photograph anything that you have a question about and that will help us answer your questions properly.

Any questions you have will have to be by phone or email to us here at the office.

We will commit to ensuring everything works before you move in.

Before the viewing

You have to read the following instructions and agree to them. That means you have to fill in the form at the bottom of this page here.

You will have to answer a short questionnaire about you and the other people who live with in your usual place of residence. They could be your family or friends or just people in a house share.

You will have to confirm that you do not have any of the symptoms of coronavirus and that you have not tested positive for it. See the UK Gov NHS web site for details

You will have to confirm that you are not supposed to be staying in quarantine after returning from abroad

You will also have to confirm that nobody in your usual place of residence has any of the symptoms of coronavirus and has not been tested positive for it. See the UK Gov NHS web site for details

During the viewing

This applies to you and anyone with you at the viewing.

You have a responsibility to everyone to avoid spreading any infections and to avoid catching anything. You agree that if you need to cough or sneeze it will be into a tissue or the crook of you arm and not under any circumstances into the open air.

You must sanitise your hands before entering the property

You take care to stay at least 2 meters away from our staff

You must wear face masks or coverings at all times in the property

Only two adults and no children will be allowed in the property at a time

You must leave the property after 10 minutes or earlier if requested and will try to avoid touching anything in the property

You agree to not – open doors or windows, use the toilets, turn on taps or light switches, touch the controls for the cooker, hob, oven or boiler, spit in the property

After the viewing

If you are interested in renting the property then you need to leave the property and discuss it with Your Lets by telephone or email. You will not be able to come to the office. The staff who have let you into the property can not answer any questions about the status of the property or your application. They will be very busy disinfecting the house after your visit so you must leave them to get on with that.